Spin STEAM currently offers three programs, which are online for 2020/21:
1) Creative, hands-on courses at the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math for K-12th graders.
2) Math tutoring for K-12th graders.
3) Weekly Science experiments for 2nd-5th graders.

Spring 2020/2021
Info for upcoming classes! Join our mailing list here: 
https://forms.gle/5ivt4sKbVWhfHK1w5 for the latest updates.

Math Tutoring
Math tutoring is available for K-12th graders. For charter school students, funds may be applied - ask your teacher of record. Contact Kelly@SpinSTEAM.org for more information.

Spin STEAM leads kids through science experiments over Zoom! 3:30-4:30 Thursdays. First class is free! Then $10/class using materials commonly found around the homeSign up for our mailing list here: https://forms.gle/5ivt4sKbVWhfHK1w5 and be the first to learn about new experiments. Starts September 17th!

Charter School Families
Spin STEAM accepts students from all schools and is an approved vendor for the following charters: Cabrillo Point, Citrus Springs, Compass, Elite, Empire Springs, Epic, Excel, iLEAD, Inspire, Mission Vista, Pacific Coast, Pacific Springs, Peak Prep, River Springs, Sage Oak, SCALE, Sky Mountain, and Vista Springs. If you don't see your charter on the list, email Kelly@SpinSTEAM.org, and we will be happy to add them!

About Our Course Designer and Teacher
Kelly Gardner has been working in creative quantitative research for nearly a decade and teaching for two years. She received her MS in Chemical and Physical Biology from Vanderbilt University and her BS in Physics from Georgia State University. Kelly has a passion for developing hands-on, engaging STEAM courses that inspire creativity in students.

For More Information
Email Kelly@SpinSTEAM.org. We look forward to connecting with you!